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About Us

Mission Statement


Dandelion Spirit honors, serves, and supports those on the path of self inquiry, exploration and self-healing. I want my classes to awaken a sense of wonder and curiosity allowing each person to explore the union of yoga at their own individual level. By listening to our own bodies, using the breath and bringing awareness to different limitations and strengths we create a yoga practice that awakens a sweetness within us that honors our authentic self as we journey on our path of discovery. 


                                                                    Yoga is not about achievement. It's about remembering, remembering who you are. 

What do dandelions and yoga have in common?


Hi and Welcome. I have always loved dandelions for as long as I can remember.  They are like small suns stuck on stems that turn into moons you blow secret wishes into the universe from. Yet this humble  flower has a simple but powerful message- happiness is an inner landscape that has little to do with where you are planted. It’s up to you to make and find your own joy.

Yoga and dandelions have a lot in common I think. Just like dandelions that adapt to the conditions around them- growing through cracks, growing closer to the ground or tall in other areas, yoga gives us the discipline and the focus  to adapt to challenges and face obstacles in our practice and in our daily life. 

About Me


I’m Renée and I started practicing yoga after hurting my back in 2014.  I immediately fell in love with everything it did for me, it eased the pain on a physical level but as my practice grew deeper I began to feel the life affirming benefits of a yoga practice in every area of my life. 

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher certification through Pranotthan School of Yoga hosted by All That Matters in Wakefield RI. I feel we are forever students in this life and am currently continuing my education by completing my reiki training under Reiki Master Myra Partyka, and will be training in restorative yoga under Sudha Carolyn Linden in June and yoga with children through Deep Play for Kids under Missy Brown this October. 

I am registered with Yoga Alliance and CPR certified.